Association for Clean Tattoos
Scope of Initial Intent

The Association for Clean Tattoos is an organization devoted to clean tattoo education. The focus of the organization is researching, spreading awareness of, and teaching how to accomplish the most effective clean tattoo procedures.

It functions by instructing professionals on technical applications while promoting public awareness of a cleaner and safer tattoo procedure.


The aspect of continuing education for Permanent color Technicians (Tattooists) will be pursued in multiple directions. The A.C.T intends to support, design, and promote educational seminars on performing clean tattoo procedures. The organization also plans to offer an online continuing education course on improving cleanliness in a tattoo procedure. The Association in this regard will seek to support, create, and promote classes, seminars, courses, dissertations, or programs, which are able to improve professional knowledge of the clean tattoo procedure.


The Association may also seek and accept donations such as industry supplies related to clean tattoo procedures. The organization would then distribute these supply donations to professionals in the industry to help increase the use of higher standards in clean tattoo procedure. The organization will attempt to act as a non-profit distributor of resources as well as information in this regard.


The facet and public awareness campaigns for the education of a clean tattooing process will also be explored in many directions. The A.C.T intends to create, print and distribute both written and electronic information related to clean tattoo procedures. This information may include brochures, e-mails, texts, books, movies, videos, music, songs, or any other media, which helps to promote awareness of clean tattoo procedures and or their importance.



The Association for Clean Tattoos also plans to do further research in areas related to clean tattooing. This study may include classes or schooling in medical, surgical, and nursing techniques. This information is of the great value to apply modern, professionally endorsed cross contamination awareness to similar technical applications in the tattoo process.


The research could also focus on disease, infection, bacteria and germ research pertaining to relevant communicable contaminants during a tattoo procedure. This type of exploration would provide the most up to date information on the potential hazards involved in cross contamination. Providing accurate, current information is an important part of the education process.

The investigation could also include study of the currently used tattooing techniques. This research would be used to ascertain what levels of clean technique awareness are present currently in different places. From this understanding and the statistics gathered, we can approach and how the different levels of cleanliness in their technical procedures can best be improved.


Through investigation, research, and continuing our own education, thus our body of knowledge, the Association for Clean Tattoos will maintain modern applicable information pertaining to many aspects of the clean tattoo procedure. This information will fuel the education and awareness the organization promotes. The Association For Clean Tattoos intends to be an organization of knowledge as well as a resource to professionals and a group of individuals dedicated to public safety and awareness.


The Association for Clean Tattoos plans to build a website that offers information about clean tattoo procedures. This website would not only host the online video course for the continuing education for Permanent Color Technicians; it would also ideally provide an community of shared information and promotion of clean tattoo procedures. The website could offer review of videos of technical tattoo procedures as to the level of cleanliness. Any online program or aspect of a program used online would be for the purpose of promoting and spreading awareness of clean tattoo procedures.


These intentions and any other directions the organization develops to go into will be with the goal of promoting awareness and education of clean technical tattoo procedure. The knowledge and application of clean technique during the tattoo process reduces the risk of the spreading of infection and disease. The reduction of the spreading of infection and disease keeps the entire public safer and healthier, those with and without tattoos. This is the mission of The Association for Clean Tattoos.


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